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Strengthen Our Roots Movement

We believe in giving back to our community. So much that we are implementing our Strengthen Our Roots Movement which gives families 1 hour of free child care per documented hour of volunteer work (up to 6 hours per month per family). 

Not sure where to get started? Below you will find some of our partners we have had the honor of working with in the past:

Altoona Salvation Army 

Military Families Ministry USA

PA State Parks

Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation

The Healing Patch

No Strings Attached

If you represent a local organization and would like to be featured on our site for volunteer opportunities, please contact us here

Tuition Assistance: Text

Fundraising Efforts

Each quarter, families have the opportunity to participate in fundraising efforts to offset tuition costs. Families will receive a direct reduction in tuition the following month.

Represent an organization interested in partnering with us? Contact us here!

Tuition Assistance: Text
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